(Svenska) “Att rädda barn är att rädda framtiden.” Selma Lagerlöf

Home of Love

Project began: 2009

Manacapuru is a city along the Amazon River. By car, about one hour drive from Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon. Manacapuru has about 85 000 inhabitants. Many of the people living here have moved in from different villages in the jungle with a dream and hope for an easier life. But it is not easy to get a job in the city and life often…Read more »

Ray of Hope

Project began: 2004

Glória Santos has grown up in and lives in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon rain-forest. She started Ray of Hope in June 2003. She has a special love for all the children who live along the Amazon River. There are no roads to this place and one can only reach the villages by boat. The boat journey to the different villages takes many hours. The…Read more »

Instituto Evangélico

Project began: 1999

Poverty characterizes the Brazilian society. The young people are drawn into crime and drug abuse. There is an increase in the absence from schools. The young girls get pregnant without knowledge and means to care for the child themselves. The crying need is to assist them and to attempt to make a difference. When Barn i Nöd first came to the centre in Japeri in 1999, the…Read more »