(Svenska) “Ibland tror vi att det vi gör bara är en droppe i havet. Men havet skulle vara mindre utan den droppen.” Moder Teresa


Project began: 2015

“Panchsheel Tribal Residential School” is located in Amravati, Maharashtra. The school has almost 600 students. All the children come from poor families and are tribal children. Panchsheel is a special place for these children where they receive education, food, shelter and care. In 9-12th grade all the children at Panchsheel Tribal Residential School can choose to take classes in sewing, carpentry, computer, electronics or engineering. This extra…Read more »


Project began: 2000-07, 2014
Vanitha och Allen

In 2000 Barn i Nöd met the two Indian women Jessy and Vanitha for the first time. Their story is unique and worth pondering. Both had a good education and a secure future. They left everything and moved to Delhi’s poorest slum  to start work amongst the children. In the beginning they had a very difficult time with lots of diseases and a difficult culture to adapt to….Read more »


Project began: 2009

Approximately 20 years ago, a German organization started a school and rehabilitation centre for the handicapped in Padhar which is situated around 15 kilometers from Shahpur. Today, there are more than 200 children and adolescents living at this centre for the handicapped. More than 100 are blind, about 60 are deaf, 20 are physically handicapped and 16 are mentally handicapped. The future of these children is hard…Read more »

Good Hope Blind Mission

Project began: 2004

Daniel is a man from Kottayam in Kerala. He is married and has two children. He has worked with blind people for over thirty years and he has good experience about their needs. In 2004, he turned to Barn i Nöd and asked for help because he did not receive any economic support from any place for the work with the blind. Daniel and his colleagues work…Read more »

Emanuel Ebenezer Home

Project began: 1992

In the 1930’s, Ebenezer Home was started by Esther Premswarup. In 1982, Barn i Nöd started to support the home in Shahpur and then in 1992, took the complete economic responsibility of Ebenezer Education Society and Ebenezer Home. Since 1992, when Barn i Nöd took over the organization, a new orphanage and a new school have been constructed. SIDA has contributed money for the new school. There are…Read more »


Project began: 1979

Agape Child Centre is the first orphanage that Barn i Nöd started in 1979 and it is situated in Kerala, south India. There are approximately 80 boys and girls who live in the orphanage today and these children come from very impoverished families. The parents of these children cannot afford to give food or education to their children. At Agape, all the children have a cozy home…Read more »