“We can not give the children the future, but we can give them the present” – Kathleen Norris

About Barn i Nöd

Barn i Nöd was established in 1971 and supports orphanages, day-care centres, schools, health-centres and organizations in four continents of the world.

Working through organizations, we are supporting and developing existing orphanages. We see to it that thousands of children get food on a daily basis as well as shelter, medical care and schooling.

The work is lead and executed by staff from each country with local knowledge as well as cultural knowledge in the relevant areas. It provides help and security to those children who have it the hardest.


Our vision

Our vision is to manage social justice and Christian missionary work through the protection of child and youth welfare, by their upbringing and education as well as providing aid activities amongst the poor and needy.



BARN I NÖD – Insamlingsstiftelsen Svensk Internationell Barnhjälp

(Fund-raising foundation Swedish international help for children)

is our complete name. Our registered office is in Gothenburg. We have been a registered fundraising foundation since 1997. We have a 90-account and we are examined by Stiftelsen för Insamlingskontroll (Institute for Collection Control). The work is managed by a board, which has 3 to 6 meetings every year.


Board members

Chairman: Dick Brenner
Director: Karin Johansson
Cashier: Varughese Mathew
Johanna Bjurenstedt Gustafsson
Mattias Brenner
Elisabeth Vansvik
Petra Wallenstam