“One can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”


In 2000 Barn i Nöd met the two Indian women Jessy and Vanitha for the first time. Their story is unique and worth pondering. Both had a good education and a secure future. They left everything and moved to Delhi’s poorest slum  to start work amongst the children. In the beginning they had a very difficult time with lots of diseases and a difficult culture to adapt to. Despite this, they continued to work. They lived in a shed and had barely enough food for the day. The work among the children of the slums is tough and tiring. Barn i Nöd sponsored in their work for seven years. In 2007, they received financial support from another organization. Jessy and Vanitha both got married and started to work separately with their husbands.

Vanitha och AllenVanitha and her husband Allen continued to work among the children. Today they have their own place to gather the children with an apartment above, where they live with their two daughters.

In Delhi’s slum,  2 million people live with 19 different languages. The organization that helped them a few years is no longer with them, so they contacted Barn I Nöd to ask for support. The decision was made  once again to step in and help the ministry.

Each week, they have six different gatherings in various places in the area. They meet 800-1000 children a month. They have eight volunteers to help. They help the children with their homework, give sewing classes and have children´s meetings.

Even with limited financial resources, they persevered and continued to work in these slums in order to bless the poorest of the poor!