“One can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

Instituto Evangélico

Poverty characterizes the Brazilian society. The young people are drawn into crime and drug abuse. There is an increase in the absence from schools. The young girls get pregnant without knowledge and means to care for the child themselves. The crying need is to assist them and to attempt to make a difference.

When Barn i Nöd first came to the centre in Japeri in 1999, the place was declared unfit for habitation by the authorities. The walls were damp and moist and all the equipment was destroyed by rust and mould. Barn i Nöd accomplished a large restoration of the place. It also built a big hall for sports and other activities with the help of money from SMR/SIDA.

At Instituto Evangélico, there are approximately 80 children between the ages of 6 and 14 who live in the slums. The children get food and help with extra teaching and homework. The library is used frequently at the centre and the children study diligently. In the sports hall, the children have physical training three times a week and they play football or volleyball every day. Music is also taught at the centre.

Barn i Nöd has also helped in the renovation of the church; the kitchen and dining hall have been expanded and now the congregation organizes meetings and parties for the children and their parents.

The computer hall with 28 computers has lead to over a thousand children getting education in computer science. All the children who can read and write receive a basic education in computer science and in the evenings, there are many in the age group 30-50 who attend the computer course.

This centre has changed the town Japeri by providing help and encouragement to so many children who would otherwise be on the streets. Before the project started, only 40% of these children could handle the schooling. Since the remedial instruction started, there are now 98% who can handle the schooling in a proper way. Many children are also saved from drugs by being at the centre and not getting involved with the gangs on the streets.