“One can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone”

The Jaffa Institute

In the city of Jaffa, many children have a hard time because of unemployment, drug abuse, etc. and therefore The Jaffa Institute was started a few years back to support these children.

From the inception, The Jaffa Institute has been a center that meets the many needs of children impoverished by homelessness, drug abuse, and poverty.  The children receive adult support, homework assistance and nourishing food every day.  The needs have continued to grow and today we help more than 4000 children.  Our staff includes over 100 employees who are highly trained pedagogues, sociologists, therapists and volunteers.

One fifth of Jaffa’s inhabitants are Arabs. An equal percent of Arabic children get help and support at Jaffa Institute. All the children at Jaffa Institute live under difficult conditions at home. Many of them have been physically assaulted.

A lot of the young people get help to complete a college education.  We have been able to offer scholarships for university education for about a hundred students every year. A few hundred households get food packets twice a month.

During school holidays, Jaffa Institute organizes camps for children with a hot meal and lots of activities.