“We can not give the children the future, but we can give them the present” – Kathleen Norris


DSC_0279“Panchsheel Tribal Residential School” is located in Amravati, Maharashtra. The school has almost 600 students. All the children come from poor families and are tribal children. Panchsheel is a special place for these children where they receive education, food, shelter and care.

In 9-12th grade all the children at Panchsheel Tribal Residential School can choose to take classes in sewing, carpentry, computer, electronics or engineering.

This extra education gives them a greater opportunity to make a living and get an income after school is done. A fantastic opportunity! The project goes very well and is very much appreciated by the children. This education is outside of the regular school curriculum.


For Panchsheel to become self-sufficient, and in a few years be able to pay the salaries of teachers in the practical training, they built a chicken farm with more than 7000 hens. Eggs are sold in the market and are also provided for the children to eat.