“Children are the living flowers of the earth” -Maksim Gorkij

Festive gift

An appreciated way to congratulate on the festival day can be a gift to Barn i Nöd. We send a greeting card with your personal greetings. The amount of the gift is not mentioned on the card.

It is easy to send a festive gift to Barn i Nöd. You use a normal paying-in card: Plusgiro 90 05 75-2 or Bankgiro 900-5752.

Please note that it takes 1 to 3 days before the information reaches us when you pay by plusgiro or bankgiro. As soon as the gifts reach us, they are administered and sent by A-post the same day or within the following business day. If you have specific dates in mind for your recipients please plan accordingly.

  1.  The name of the person you wish to congratulate.
  2. Name and address where the greeting card has to be sent.
  3. Senders name and address.
  4. Personal greetings if you so desire.

 Please write clearly!