(Svenska) “Att rädda barn är att rädda framtiden.” Selma Lagerlöf

Good Hope Blind Mission

Daniel is a man from Kottayam in Kerala. He is married and has two children. He has worked with blind people for over thirty years and he has good experience about their needs.

In 2004, he turned to Barn i Nöd and asked for help because he did not receive any economic support from any place for the work with the blind.

Daniel and his colleagues work with the blind in order to encourage them in different ways. During these years they have been helping the blind with different items – books with braille, hearing aids, walking sticks and cassettes etc.

Most of these people are in very poor health and every day they need medicines for survival. Some of these blind people have now opened small shops at home where they sell candy, soft drinks, cakes, etc.